The Fifty West building will be fitted with a Better-Air probiotic air purification system. This technology uses Enviro-BioticsTM to consume the food sources that pathogens need to propagate and survive, thereby minimizing the presence of pathogenic bacteria and increasing the presence of beneficial bacteria. This Better-Air system not only provides cleaner air, but also creates a protective shield on all hard and porous surfaces inhibiting the growth of harmful micro-organisms, controlling harmful bacteria, and mold growth.  This is our solution to ensure our tenants are working in a healthy clean building.

  • Eliminates major indoor allergens, pollen, dust mites, and pet dander that are responsible for coughing, scratchy throats, red eyes, and runny noses. 

  • Creates a hypo-allergenic safe zone free from organic irritants.

  • Cleans and purifies the indoor air, surfaces, and objects. 

  • Minimizes the transmission of infectious diseases by reducing the presence of indoor pathogens than can overwhelm immune systems. 

  • Eliminates mold spores and prevents the formation of indoor mold.

  • Eliminates organize odors as from pets, garbage, mildew, and mold. 

  • Reduces indoor dust accumulation and build up.

  • Restoration of fresh air without masking smells with artificial, chemicals and perfumes. 

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